We are a family operation that puts our heart and soul into our product. There is no outsourcing at Shaggy’s, we are American made and we are Pure Michigan.


Uncle Shaggy

Our History

Like all good ideas, SCC started on the kitchen table. Our first designs were created on a free trial of a barebones CAD program. We printed the designs off on 8.5 x 11 paper and taped the sheets together on the kitchen table. This was obviously not the most precise method, but we just wanted to get on our own sticks. The first skis had different sidecuts on each side. That didn’t extinguish the stoke though. Our first press was located in the basement in a room we ripped the carpet out of. The shop then evolved to take up nearly our entire barn which used to store construction equipment.

Today the shop is located in Boyne city just 3 miles past Boyne Mountain on M-75. The new location includes a showroom and office.

As the shop evolved, so did the way everything was put together. Core rips are now individually indexed, sorted to match each other, and then laminated to achieve a consistent flex. Our shop and construction methods are constantly changing to improve efficiency. From the beginning of this great hobby to today, we never thought we would be manufacturing skis for others to enjoy. It sure has been great to look back on our advancement and see all we’ve accomplished. So when you’re in the Boyne City, MI area give us a call and come check us out, take a tour through our shop, or just talk skiing.


Jeff, John, and Jonathon

The Story

In the summer of 2005, Shaggy’s Copper Country was founded with the intention of producing a ski that wasn’t a slug! For too long, the skiing community has been plagued with mediocre products built for the masses. SCC plans to change that. Our mission is to build a ski that takes all you can give it and comes crawling back for more, day after day. There is no compromise when it comes to producing a top notch ski, from our hand selected hardwood cores to the final tune, we personally inspect and perfect every ski sold.

In 1908, our great uncle Shaggy Lehto built 3 pair of wooden skis, one of which has been handed down through the generations. In 2005, shortly after the Thompson Family had started building skis, these skis ended up in our hands. As the company started to form we asked ourselves what to name it. When Jeff suggested Shaggy, we all loved it. And so Shaggy’s Copper Country was born. Now we know that most people don’t know what the Copper Country is; so let us explain. The Copper Country is a small area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan known as the Keweenaw Peninsula. From 1845 to the late 1960’s it was the world’s greatest producing region for copper. The area still has a rich heritage from the copper mining day and is known to this day as the Copper Country.

How does this all tie together? Shaggy was born and raised in Kearsarge, MI, which is in the heart of the Copper Country. Unlike the rest of the family Shaggy was not a miner, he was the village Blacksmith. As time went on, he became tired of working iron and steel and started a hobby of wood carving. What better to carve than skis? With close to 300” inches of annual snowfall there was a need for skis and he fed that need.

It is with great honor and a sense of pride that we use his name and hope that Shaggy is as proud of us as we are of him.


Here at Shaggy’s we feel strongly about supporting the local economy. We  first source materials on the local level, next the state level, and if necessary the national level.  We use local, select cut, Northern Michigan hardwood that comes from the local lumber mill right down the road. Our base comes from Crown Plastics in Ohio, our fiberglass from Alabama, our epoxy from Oregon. The sales from skis go right back into the company and other local businesses. Whenever possible we buy from the “Mom and Pop” shop or the “little guy”. We do this because that’s what we are and it’s those companies that give this country its great character.