“The Shaggy’s Story” Video

Shaggys Copper Country Skis x Antix Creative

We are excited to release The Shaggy’s Story video telling the story of the origins of the company while crafting skis in our job-shop style factory located in Northern Michigan.

The Shaggy’s Story, created by Marc Moline of Antix Creative, details the touching story of the company and the family behind it, from its creation in 2005 through the present. Viewers will gain a new insight into how and why we choose to create handcrafted skis. The story is presented alongside the creation of a pair of skis from milling wood cores and die-cutting ski bases through pressing and finishing.

The feature also includes filming locations in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula such as Mount Bohemia and Quincy Mine within the Keweenaw National Historical Park.

The video can be viewed at http://vimeo.com/105086004

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Press release available here: http://pitch.pe/1u1Vr98

Summer 2014 Ski Crafting


This summer has been an exciting one! We have brought in some new equipment, namely a dual head CNT Motion CNC mill/router that we have have custom tooled for producing ski cores with the highest precision. Another change has been bringing topsheet printing 100% in-house, we have gone about this process in a somewhat slow manner to ensure we are putting out a top-notch product, not just something we are just getting into. The challenges of keeping print heads unclogged, color management (sublimation printing/pressing really skews them), and correct heat and temperatures for different materials have kept us busy for quite a while, but the result was 100% worth it!

Getting bases and edges ready:



Feeding Edges out of the Coil

Tacking edges onto a ski baseGetting materials prepped for layup:


IMG_3393Before pressing into topsheet:

IMG_3417After transferring graphic onto topsheet:

IMG_3439Flood coating backside of clear topsheet:

IMG_3438New CNC machine



IMG_3453Set of finished skis cores with sidewalls and tip spacers



IMG_3478Freshly pressed Betsy’s (check them out here)


IMG_3419And finally our office manager/epoxy layer/seamstress doing her thing:


2014 Summer Ski Presale and Updates

Summer Ski Presale

As you have probably seen on our ski pages, we have launched our 2014 Summer Ski Presale! This is the time of year that we really get into production mode and pumping out product. The new 2014-15 lineup has seen every model updated and better than ever.

Some of our 2014-15 model highlights

  • Completely redesigned Betsy park twintip featuring “Buttercut” sidecut for maximum control
  • Completely redesigned Tubby all mountain jib twintip featuring variable sidecut radii and a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Core
  • All new Fanny Hooe tip geometry for more versatility in all conditions
  • Optimized tip rocker and underfoot camber geometry in the Ahmeek, Bootjack, Brockway, and Fanny Hooe

We’ve also been implementing some new equipment and are excited to show it off in the coming months!

Have to get back to building,

Jeff Thompson
Partner/Product Design Engineer

Winter Production

Colin on the Tubby

As you probably know, it’s been an exceptionally cold winter here in Northern Michigan. The temps have regularly been below zero and the snowpack is the best we’ve seen in quite a while! The ski factory has been busy constantly and we’re seeing more smiling faces come back to tell us they’ve had a blast on the skis than ever.

Some news:

  • In late December we built the absolute widest skis we’ve ever seen with a 190 mm tip for a ski patroller down at Mount Holly (see pictures below).
  • We attended the Craft @ SIA display at the SIA Snowshow in Denver this year and showcased our new 14/15 models.
  • At the beginning of February we sold out of just about every model and started building to order on all new orders coming in. Just a reminder, this process takes about 2 weeks and we will have you on your skis as soon as humanly possible! But don’t be a stranger if you’re looking for something immediately, we may just have something in our showroom we can let go.
  • Shaggy’s hats are now available for sale online.
  • We have started offering custom die-cut letters in your ski bases, prices start at $100 for up to 8 letters (check out some of the pictures).
  • Mount Bohemia in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula has been getting dumped on, now is the time to go get the goods!

But there is the old saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so I’ll let the picture tell the rest of the story!

Ski Movie Premiers

Winter is here, get stoked for the season at some upcoming ski movie premiers

We will be giving away a pair of skis at the Warren Miller “Ticket to Ride” shows in Royal Oak and in Ann Arbor.

Royal Oak: December 6 @ 8Pm, December 7 @ 6PM and 9PM

Location: Royal Oak Music Theater

Tickets and details: http://www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/events/royal-oak-music-theatre

Ann Arbor: December 7 @ 6PM

Location: Michigan Theater, 603 East Liberty Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Tickets and details: http://www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/events/michigan-theatre

November Factory Update

Winter is officially in full swing in Northern Michigan! We are continuing to finish building stock for the 13/14 season, setting up happy customers, and finishing (re)designing some products for 14/15. Oh, and now that the ski areas are opening, the itch to slide down that white stuff has never been better.

Some news:

  • We have partnered with Mount Bohemia to produce a co-branded Tubby. This partnership has been dubbed the Mount Bohemia X Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis COLAB (check out the link for more info).
  • Mount Bohemia has made it to the Final Four of Powder Magazine’s “Ski Town Throwdown”!  They are also getting some great early season snow (16″+ in the past week). It’s shaping up to be quite the winter in Michigan and all over the country.  Don’t forget to vote for Mount Bohemia on Powder Magazine’s Facebook page, they need your help.
  • Most of the ski areas in Northern Michigan are open during November.
  • Factory direct pricing has been put in place, see details here.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, check them out below.

End of Summer Shop Update

So it’s now the end of Summer 2013 and it sure has been a busy one. We have been doing everything from putting together new machines, to putting up new walls, and to expanding our woodshop to double its size.

For those of you who ordered during the Summer Presale, thanks for your early support and your skis are our number one priority! We are pressing them as I type this and we cannot wait to get them into your hands.

We have made a number of key improvements to make 2013-14 our best year yet. First off, we introduced custom skis for public availability. This was a huge decision for us and we ultimately knew we were ready for that step, our in house CNC equipment, new presse, and new grinding equipment will allow you the best quality custom skis at an affordable price.

Another change was increasing our sidewall width by 50% for even more bomber durability! We have never used huge sidewalls for the reason some of our competitors have, alignment during pressing. While many manufacturers simply attach a 1/2″ to 3/4″ sidewall on the core and leave a lot of room for shifting during pressing, we will not allow that in our factory. We use CNC milled aluminum cassettes (molds) for each ski that perfectly center your wood core and sidewalls on top of the base for exceptionally low tolerances. Our decision to increase the sidewall width was twofold, first we can protect the woodcore from impact, water, etc better, and second to allow for a larger sidewall bevel to reduce swing weight on park/jib models.

Yet another change was to move to the best, most durable topsheet money can buy. It will hold up better, chip less, and look great for years to come!

Now that I’ve told you about some of our changes and updates, check out the pictures and see what we’ve been up to yourself! You can always find us on Facebook here where we continually post updates!’

Oh and one last thing I almost forgot… We are in the beginning stages of launching another product line! What is is? drumroll please……. Longboards! There are a few sneak peeks in the photos but keep checking here and on our Facebook page to see this new line that we are extremely excited to launch!

2013-14 Lineup Released

We are proud to announce our new lineup for 2013-14. This year we are bring in an all new slalom skis, an all mountain GS ski (both in multiple sizes), expanded sizing options, and are now offering custom skis!

We are especially excited to offer semi and full custom skis to the public this year. This was not a light decision, we know it will involve much more time per pair and some very busy designers, but we strive to make you happier on the snow than ever and this was the next step. We have been in development for this for the past 4 years, perfecting our process. When you order a pair of custom skis from us, know you will be happier on the snow than ever!

Take some time, look around the new site, check out the Presale (40% off!), and get stoked for the coming season (yes we know it’s still June!).

-Jeff Thompson, Product Designer

Shop Update

After two years of working at our current shop in Boyne City we had to change some things around, expand, and bring in some new equipment. We now have a completely separate woodshop (oh, how nice it is to have some space…), a two bay prep and press room, dedicated tuning room, and another office (read: lunch and break room)!

Check out the pictures, we’ll post up more soon.


Final Steps to Finishing Cores

We are now almost completely done with core production for the coming 2013-14 lineup. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do everything from the ground up. Our cores are not bought from someone else, we buy local rough sawn lumber from the mill down the road and go from there! It does however take up around 50% of the total time to put together a pair of skis.

Anyways, we’re on the final stretch of profiling our cores to the perfect flex patterns. Check out the pictures and go to our facebook page for daily updates!